Monday, December 19, 2016

Advent Bloghop Day 19

**Unfortunately something has gone wrong and the post hasn't been publiced in time. I had it scheduled at 18u, but it didn't appear then. I wasn't at home and could check it only later in the evening. I'm so sorry!**

Welcome to day 19 of the Advent Bloghop, organised by Alexandra Renke and her team!

Today it is my turn together with


For a long time I only had  an eye for paper, stamps and dies from the USA. However it didn't do any justice to the materials from our neighbours in Germany. There you can buy wonderful materials as well, in a totally different style. I makes me thinking of Scandinavia. Simple and delicate desings and products of high-quality. Judith pointed me at the call for the advent bloghop on Alexandra's blog, I applied for a spot and yes, I was one of the 65 lucky people who received a huge box with materials! Today I like to show you what I made with the materials.

The task was to create something for someone whom you like to say 'thank you' to. Well, I'd like to say thank you to my fellow group members and our teacher of my sewing group. Every two weeks I attend the lesson and I love creating my own dresses and skirts. The group is very supportive, especially in times of exams. Always encouraging and understanding when I'm tired of my studies and work. I made a card for my teacher, which will be given together with a chocalate bar of Tony's chocolonely. I'm sure she will love it!

For the other women I bought litte organza bags. I put some chocolate in it and decorated it with the lovely design papers from the package. I created a tag with the die which was also in the box. Yes, we were definitely spoiled with the materials in the box!


The text in the left bauble is a stamp which says 'thank you' in several languages, even in Dutch! Don't you love that little gnome on the right? Let´s be honest. I haven´t finished all bags, I have some work to do in the coming days...

There were so many materials that I could make many more things. So, I created a Christmas card without having someone special in mind.

Don´t you love the little stars made with an embossing folder?

Next I'd like to show you a gift box I made for my cousin and her husband. My cousin and her husband are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary today. My cousin had always told us: 'If I am getting married, you will be our bridesmaids!'. And so, on 19 December 1991 we had a splendid day in beautiful dresses, made by my mother. We, as their former bridesmaid, thought it would be nice to give them a present for their anniversary and we decided to give them a gift card for a lunch for two. I made a gift box to put the voucher box in and an envelop for a little card with our message and some money for extra drinks.

 Unfortunately, you can't see the little grey angels on the white strip on the gift box...

Finally, a card without a text and I'm not sure whether it is too simple or not... I have punch three circles with lovely scenes on it. Some twine and gorgeous paper, I would say it is perfect :)

These are the first three Christmas cards I have made this year so far.... Having exams in December is definitely not okay for stocking your Christmas cards... I´m afraid I can´t send many handmade Christmas greetings, but hopefully I can make it good in the new year with cards send out without a special occasion as a card sending for fun is the best!  

Alexandra, together with your team, thank you so much for this bloghop! I have really enjoyed it!
Thank you for hopping by and make sure to visit Adriana, Katja and Kerstin tomorrow.


  1. Jej, daar is je post! Was al minstens 5 keer komen kijken ;-) Wat een mooie dingen heb jij gemaakt! Niet moeilijk met zo veel keuze natuurlijk. Ik vind je kerstkaartjes prachtig! En maak je geen zorgen over het aantal: ik zit momenteel aan 4 (en 2 avonden oudercontacten helpen niet bepaald) Ach, nog even doorbijten 😉

  2. Its look so beautiful :))

    Thank you ❣


  3. Ziet er allemaal weer prachtig uit, Gerdine!

  4. Hello Gerdine,

    These cards are so wonderful - just so gorgeous!!


  5. Hey, ik miste je al. Heb ik ook weleens gehad, zo balen en zeker met zo'n hop. Maar alles wat je gemaakt hebt is zo mooi geworden, echte presentjes! Veel succes met studeren en met je examens!


  6. 58/5000

    Hello Gerdine

    I like your cards very much. They are quite charming.


  7. Mooie creaties gemaakt! Super leuk.

  8. Prachtig! Wat een mooie materialen, hè?! En zo ontzettend veel. Handig dat je door deze bloghop in ieder geval drie kerstkaartjes hebt gemaakt ;-)

  9. Very nice - your packaging and your cards! :)


  10. Ik was idd ook al een paar keer geweest, blogger doet wel vaker raar, maakt niet altijd wat uit, maar in dit geval wilde je op tijd zijn. Maar hier is het dan! Jij hebt je ook heerlijk uitgeleefd met al die prachtige materialen! Mooi je kaarten en de organza zakjes vind ik ook erg leuk geworden. Mooi doosje, knap ondanks je leerwerk wat je ook nog moest doen!

  11. Geen tijd voor dat bloghoppen helaas, maar kom wel kijken als ik je in mijn leeslijst zie verschijnen. Mooie dingen zie ik, Gerdine! Fijne feestdagen alvast en een goed 2017!

  12. Je bent lekker bezig geweest! Ik was benieuwd wat jij met de materialen ging maken. Je kaart voor Carien is prachtig! En je andere projecties zijn ook leuk. Binnenkort weer eens samen aan de slag. Wordt vast heel gezellig!

  13. Naast je studie is het ook allemaal gelukt. En ik kijk mijn ogen uit.Je hebt een mooie herkenbare stijl en een geweldige keus uit het - prachtige- materiaal gemaakt. Echt super wat ik hier zie!

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